This is how we flip SHIB.

Buying and burning QOM and FALQOM on every transaction to flip SHIB.
One of the most successful parts of SHIB was it's massive burns, and we're bringing that to QOM.
Together with the QOMmunity we will be burning as much QOM as possible, so when we flip SHIB, we do it together.
We will also help fund development of QOM, and use everything in our disposal to reach our goals.
Will you come along for the journey?
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Tokenomics tax

How we distribute
token tax

QOM is a not tax coin, and coming from Ryoshi's rules, there are no development tokens. FALQOM was created with the intent to help the community.
We both buy and burn QOM. While also allocating money and supply for exchanges, development, and anything that might come down the road.
3% QOM
3% of all sales tax will be used
to buy and burn QOM at opportune times.
3% Development
3% of all sales tax will be used for developing QOM, and
providing supply for exchanges and deals.
Tokens burned so far


Phase 1
Burn over 5% of the QOM supply. Reach 1000 holders. Get listed on CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.
Phase 2
Begin integrating FALQOM with QOM staking, along with FALQOM staking and rewards.
Phase 3
Flip SHIB.
More phases coming soon!

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